• Whats Poverty ?? Its a sickness. are you suffering from poverty and want to heal and breakthrough from it? Do you want poverty to die in your family tree? We are here with Good news yet no Bible, rather a remedy against the malady poverty.

What does it feel like to be poor?

You need not be Told, anyone who has ever struggeld with that, knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor. Most of us thinks that poverty is being hungry, naked or homeless alone..

No! Poverty entails more than the lack of income, productive resources to ensure sustainable livelihoods. Its manifestations are not limited to hunger, malnutrituon, limited access to education and other basic services, discrimination and exclusion as well as the lack of participation in decision-making, poverty of being unwanted, unloved , uncared for, is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.

What to do to break away from poverty?

No doubt, you must have come across Articles about what to do to make money online,

What type of hand work to learn to be earning money,

What to study and get get employed.

  1. Here at HealNaturally its a different case.

We are going to teach, lecture and tutor you in a jargon-free language how we broke through and healed completely from

ITs no magic and it’s legal globally. Its called domain flipping. You trade and park domain for passive income.

We started late last year but werent that serious until a brother betrayed and we were left with nothing.


Its a true life story. Truly, emergency is the mother of invention. 

Let‘s quickly brief the story, before we proceed.


Nursed this ambition of traveling abroad for hustle, so last year (2019) I saved 2000$ and contacted my immediate elder bro.

I told him I would auction my bet9ja  shop

He objected and asked me to give him 500k from the money to support his luggage business, that after some months he would give me 1m, that’s additional 500k.

I told mom and other siblings and they all agreed, dude has been a talk and do since day one.

I gave him the money February 8 2019 and went to Lagos.

we had Indonesia in mind but my woman’s mother called and told me she would prefer me going to Germany rather than Asian country.

I told her I have been a keen follower of German thread here on nairaland that I can’t afford that block account money.

she told me her step son stays and work legally in Germany that it would ease things.

she contacted my brother and he agreed and promised to send the money but he never did. all he does is keep whining and whining.

in November I got married. when he came back for my trad, he gave me 30k and promised he would return my money and the 500k he pledged after Christmas season.

January came, no show. my woman’s mother called him and asked him to send only the one I gave him that he shouldn’t bother adding his and he agreed with all pleasure, he said on 20th of February, he would send the 500k.

on 20th I didn’t get any alert, I asked momma to call him and even complained to my uncles and they did. he swore to pay me on 23rd unfailingly.

on 23rd Feb, I received 60k (60,000) alert from him. I almost smashed my phone outta anger, told momma and she was like ” Nwee ndidi”

I called him and asked why he sent me 60k. dude was like ” when you stayed with me after school, u stole my money, when I sent you money to build in the village you chop my money, even the 30k I gave you.

after subtractions  its 60k I owe you. I want mad, I was dumbfounded, I asked him for real? and he said I shouldn’t contact him again and hung up.

I told momma and she said ” forgive him, He is your brother, no matter what. “

that feedback from momma even worsened my plight.

how could have a brother done this to a junior brother?

the same brother I dashed 180k at 22, after my dad’s burial, when I sold an elephant tusk I bought from a nairaland guy.

the same brother that ceased my 50k because he borrowed elder sister 50k years back and pleaded him to forget about it when he was pressuring her to refund him?

the same brother I trusted and did business for years with honesty, the same brother I was very proud of.

I felt very betrayed, deleted their numbers and left home my with wife. Few weeks later she put to birth with c-section and I was billed 400 dollars. All I had was just 60k and 4 domains I registered later 2019.


I headed to namepros under the request for domain thread and submit one of my domains that met a criteria and it was bought for 400 dollars and I used that to settle the bill and later ventured about 120$ (60k) I had into domain trading especially traffics domain and have realised over 6000 dollars from domain sales and over 300 dollars from parking.


Below is how you too could venture into domain business especially traffic and revenue converting domains. It was written by me at namepros.


Lately, I have been receiving mails and private messages regarding
how to buy traffic domain (s), after my post regarding owing a domain
that makes 2 dollar daily.


Though, The said domain has moved past $2 now, we are currently at $4 daily.

So, I assumed it would be a good gesture to write about it, hoping
people would learn one or more something from it, since none knows it

Before I proceed, I’m no where near an expert as am just few months into domain.

My strategy is buy cheap, recoup my capital, save and reinvest.

The highest I have spent on a domain name on a go is $56, I hope to be
spending bigger in the future, but now, I can’t invest more than I can
make from parking in less than 6 months.

So, how many domains have you bought with the intention to park while waiting for the enduser ?

1. Sewingandcraftclub. Com its has made over $110 in the last 30 days with over 1700 visitors.

2. Malayalamdrama. com this very one is new but has made over 10$ with 300 visits.


It will be easier for the domain name NAMEPROS. Com to expire than to
find high traffic and good converting revenue domains from totally
dropped expired list, nevertheless, you could be very lucky to find one

I am not talking about the ones that will end up at Dropcatch, snapnames and park. io auctions. Gems are found there.
I buy mine from expired domains auctions



How many backlinks does the domain you are trying to bid have? This very one giving me 4$ a day 14k Backlinks.

I can’t buy a domain with less than 100 Backlinks to park but I can buy
one with zero Backlinks for quick flip if the name is meaningful.


Verify where the domain name has been mentioned or referenced before. the quality of the Backlinks matters alot.

for instance; Sewingandcraftclub, has references from popular websites in the art and craft industries, Examples

Tacony. Com
sewing. Com
Fabrics. Com
Sewfair. Com
Koalacabinets. Com
Hornofamerica. com
sewingmachineplus. Com

and many other bigger sites that deals in the art and craft niche. Be
careful enough not to buy domain with junk or porn Backlinks.


I’m sure there are there paid tools to verify and valitate those but i am not buoyant enough to start using them yet.


I type-in the domain name into my broswer with space before putting the . com example DentalHill. Com

That would bring out those sites it has been mentioned or referenced.


This matters alot, the action of the previous user might have gotten this domain Blacklisted, failisted or banned.


Goto archive.org and Type in the domain name, proceed, then chose the date of inception and keep checking every year

If it has been used, parked, reused and reparked again, it’s a turn off
for me, If find any related characters like Chinese, I would devoid from
biding because the chances it has been used for spamming or forwarded
to porn site are high.


I do not bid on ones that has been parked before, used for a totally
different service or product, or stopped working as a website some years
ago. . It must be same year, same service too.


I really hate seeing recent registrations with thousands of backlinks.
Sometimes, when i visit the expired auction marketplaces and see people
bidding on recent registrations , 2019, 2018, 2017 because they are
seeing thousands of backlinks and traffics stated there, i feel bad for
them. If it has such, why is the owner dropping it so quick?

I feel some of these aftermarkets flaws that sometimes, there was a day a
friend made a mistake while registering domain and cancelled it, next
time, I saw that on auction with thousands of Backlinks.

Its always flawed. I can’t buy a domain with even a million Backlinks if
it was registered recently, for instance 2018, 2019, 2020 unless its
real English word


Because mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsa. Com has 10m Backlinks, 100dp and 1m traffics
doesn’t mean I should buy it. It should meaningful. That’s the reason
why some domains will have that none converting traffics. Because even
the parking service are confused about the type of ads to be displayed
on the landers.


Before bidding on that domain to park. Check if it has been banned, failisted or blacklisted . How can you do that ?

Just goto bodis or click here and paste the domain name.


Failisted or banned domain name earns peanuts. Hardly do they generate more than 0.01 pay click.

Example of a blacklisted domain is is games/ com.

Despite being a single English word, its banned and would earn less,
that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy games.com should you been given the
opportunity to own it even for 1000 dollars.

Thank you for reading